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The Harris Products Group discontinues sales of cadmium-bearing alloys

Bologna, Italy - Nov 23, 2011 :

According to the second point of the REACH Commission regulation (EU) No 494/2011 of May 20th 2011, from December 10th 2011 brazing filler metals containing a concentration of cadmium equal or grater than 0.01% shall not be placed in the market, except for Defence, Aerospacial and Safety applications.

The Harris Products Group manufactures a complete line of cadmium-free, high silver brazing alloys with the same attention to quality found in their phos/copper products. Only the purest metals are used, and precision production procedures ensure consistency in product quality and performance. Cadmium-bearing alloys, when molten, emit cadmium oxide fumes which are highly toxic and can cause illness or death. Safety-Silv alloys are strongly recommended as replacements for all cadmium-bearing alloys.

Starting from December 1st 2011 Harris will not accept orders for alloys containing Cadmium.

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