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Description: High purity wall mounted point of use

Model HPI 100TP is a wall mounted point of use regulator available in chrome-plated brass (HPI 100TPC) or stainless steel (HPI 100TPS) barstock.

Typical Application:  
High purity gas applications
Research sample systems gases
Gas chromatography
Calibration gas
Process analyzer gases

  • Features:
    • Recommended for non-corrosive gases purity levels up to grade 6.0 (99.9999)
    • Stainless steel version applicable also for corrosive gases after prior confirmation of the material’s compatibility
    • Wall mounting panel and brackets included
    • Ready to install wall mounting panel
    • Based on HPI 100L regulator
    • 3 inlet port available configuration – top as a standard
    • 316L stainless steel diaphragm eliminates contamination from diffusion or outgassing
    • Diaphragm inlet shut-off valves
    • Modular design
    • HPI 100TPC - chrome-plated body, bonnet and fittings
    • HPI 100TPS - 316L stainless steel body, bonnet and fittings
    • 1x10-9 mbar I/s He inboard helium leak rate to maintain gas purity levels
    • Inlet / outlet - 1/4” FNPT
    • Maximum inlet pressure 40 bar (580 psig)
    • Cleaned for oxygen service
    StagesGaugesGas Purity
    Singlepsi/barUp to 6.0 (99.99999)

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  • Max Inlet Pressure PSIGMax Inlet Pressure MetricGas ServiceGas SupplyGasWeightPressure RegulationCv
    58040High Purity
    General Purpose
    Bulk Gas System
    High Purity2,5 KG0,1 bar - 20 bar007

    HPI 100TP ordering
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