Model 62-3FW
Model 62-3FW

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Model 62-3FW

Description: Underwater-Handcutting-Torch

The Harris hand-cutting torch model 62-3FW was developed for cutting under water with oxygen and propane/natural gas flame. The cutting tip has a special cover and an external oxygen supply line.

The torch is equipped, as standard, with check valves on the inlet of propane, oxygen and cutting oxygen to bypass. To avoid confusion, the oxygen connection to the bypass line is equipped with a 3/8 "RH-thread, the connection for the cutting oxygen with 1/4" RH-thread.

The respective pressure for the oxygen bypass must be set accordingly to the underwater depth. With the additional oxygen supply from the outside to the cutting nozzle, the water is pushed away from the flame zone.

When cutting under water please ensure that the gas pressure has to be increased by at least 1 bar per each 10 m water depth.


Typical Application:  For underwater work

Up to 100mm
  • Part NumberTorch Head AngleLengthWeightCutting Tip
  • Part NumberFuel Gas
    Oxy-natural Gas/Methane