Model 43/49-SUAC

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Model 43/49-SUAC

Description: Heavy Duty Low pressure Acetylene Kit

Professional equipment designed for maximum safety and long life. Ideal for industry, workshops, shipyards, construction sites and oil industry.

Typical Application:  Heavy duty applications

Cuts to 150mm
Welds to 50mm
  • Features:
    • 43-2 handle in forged brass with connection piece in stainless steel
    • Cutting attachment with triangular stainless steel tube construction for maximum strength
    • Head mixing for operator safety
    • Flat-seat cutting tips for longer life
    Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch HandleCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting AttachmentHose
    43/49-SUAC43/49-SUACAccessories: Wrench (I-62-X), Twin wheel circle cutting attachment (I-69-6) Packaging: Steel case(1943-K), Plastic Internal(4349-Pl)Harris43-26290-0AC/2AC/4ACL-43/3/5/6/9/1549-338-L2/R2
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixerMixing System