Master 5LP
Master 5LP

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Master 5LP

Description: Propane professional kit

  • Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch HandleCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting AttachmentHoseAvailability
    Master 5LPMaster 5LPCheck Valves for torches 88-6GBR/L (Ox/Gas) and Flashback Arrestors for regulators 188-RGB/LGB (Ox/Gas)Harris543HF6290-2NX1390-4N/7N/10N/H and Tip tube 8593573-FTA8x8G3/85 (5m)Italy
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixerFuel RegulatorOxygen Regulator
    Master 5LPOxy-acetylene/Hydrogen