Model V263
Model V263

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Model V263

Description: Torch handle (fit Victor®)

This model is a high capacity combination handle.With proper accessories, it can be used for either acetylene or other fuel gases

Typical Application:  Heavy- medium duty applications

Cuts to 50mm
Welds to 150mm
  • Features:
    • High precision ball valves
    • Two separate gas tubes
    • Brass handle
    Part NumberModel NumberTorch LengthWeightCutting TipBrazing TipAccessories
    V263263219 mm0.506 Kg1-101-HV, GPN, 6290-NX, 6290-NFF, 6290-NXPM0090, 23-A-90, J-63, 1390, 1390-HA, 0090-N, 1390-N, 1390-H, RBP-43, 2290-N, 2290-H8593, 4301-11+TH-119, 2393-F+2357-3
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixerCutting AttachmentMixing SystemOxygen ConnectionGas Connection
    Oxy-natural Gas/Methane
    E-43-VH, E2-43-VH, F-43-VHV-273, V-2460, V-2460-F, V-2460-AF, V49-3FE9/16"-18-UNF-3A-RH9/16"-18-UNF-3A-LH