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LightPro HD
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LightPro HD
Model LightPro HD (P/N: 1400098)

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LightPro HD

Description: Light duty heating, brazing, soldering torch

LightPro HD torch  can be used with widely available in stores butane and propane-butane cartridges. The device is simple to install and to use- just put the torch on the gas cartridge and secure by turning.

Apart from heating, brazing, soldering LightPro HD torch has also many other uses, starting from DIY repairs, firing up the grill or preparing special dishes such as a cream brulee.


LightPro HD torch is ideal for:
  • any repairs that require heating the material,
  • flame cleaning of wood and other materials,
  • tanning paint,
  • drying stains, traces of fungus, weed burning between tiled driveways, etc.,
  • firing up a grill, lighting a fireplace.

Typical Application:  Heating, brazing, soldering with butane and propane- butane mixtures.

  • Features:
    • Solid forged brass body for maximum strength;
    • Push button auto - ignition system (piezo);
    • Long life adjusting;
    • Fuel flow 0,109 kg/h;
    • 642,95 Kcal/min;
    • High quality EN417 connection.
    Part NumberModel Number
    140098LightPro HD
  • Part NumberFuel Gas
    Fuel Gas
  • Owner's Manual