Model H-19-2S

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Model H-19-2S

Description: Low Pressure “F” Type Mixer

“F” or low pressure injector mixers require that only the oxygen has a positive pressure control. The oxygen exits a specially designed chamber at a very high velocity which causes the fuel gas to be aspirated into the mixing chamber. Because of the aspirating effect on the fuel gas, positive control of the fuel gas is not required. In fact, the mixers in the Harris line are designed to operate at fuel gas pressures as low as 0.015 bar. “F” mixers tend to produce a more homogenous oxy/fuel mixture because of the high turbulence in the mixing chamber. This feature is most important when using the more difficult to mix alternative fuels. “F” mixers tend to have a narrower operating range than “E” mixers but because of their superior mixing capabilities they tend to maximize calories output within that range. “F” mixers are used primarily with low pressure natural gas. However, they are also recommended for use with alternative fuels when maximum calories output is needed and / or positive pressure control of the fuel gas is not available.

  • Part NumberModel NumberCompatible HandleAssembly ComponentsAlternate Fuel Brazing TipsAlternate Fuel Heating Tips
    H-19-2SH-19-2S43-2, 263, 543D-50-C* 1390-N tips 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (+tube D-50-C) * 0090-N tips 2,4,6,81390-H (+tube D-50-C)
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixing System