Model F-43
Model F-43-VH

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Model F-43-VH

Description: Equal Pressure “E” Type Mixer (fit Victor®)

To thoroughly mix the oxygen and fuel gas, “E” mixer designs rely on equal pressure control of both oxygen and fuel gas. Both gases enter the mixing chamber at controlled pressures. “E” mixers allow the end-user greater control of the oxy/fuel ratio. This feature has an advantage in applications where a very carburizing or oxidizing flame is required. Also, because of their higher potential flow rates, “E” mixers are required for high fl ow heating applications.This design is primarily used with acetylene but can also be used with alternative fuels when positive pressure control of the fuel gas is available

  • Part NumberModel NumberCompatible HandleAssembly ComponentsAlternate Fuel Brazing TipsAlternate Fuel Heating TipsFlame Cleaning Tips
    F-43-VHF-43-VHV-315-CH, V-2632393, 2357-32290-N tips 13,15,20,30,80 (+tube 2393+2357-3)2290-H tips 1,2,3,4,5 (+ tube 2393+2357-3)RBP-43 tips 2,4,5 (+tube 2393+2357-3)
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixing System