Model 213
Model 213

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Model 213

Description: Oxy-Propane and Natural Gas Cutting Tips

Oxy-Propane and Natural Gas Cutting Tips - Not for use with Acetylene

  • Part NumberModel NumberCutting TorchAvailability
    213-1213Model 6000Germany
    213-2213Model 6000Germany
    213-3213Model 6000Germany
  • Part NumberOxygen PressureFuel Gas PressureCutting ThicknessHeating Power
    213-15.5-8.2bar1.0-1.5500-1000mm80280-223000Kcal/h (Propane)
    62640-174000Kcal (Natural Gas)
    213-25.5-9.0bar1.0-1.5bar1000-1300mm94775-251990Kcal/h (Propane)
    73950-196620Kcal (Natural Gas)
    213-35.5-8.2bar1.0-1.5barAbout 1300mm111500-283210Kcal/h (Propane)
    87000-220980Kcal (Natural Gas)