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Model 829
Model 829-1.5-AC

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Model 829

Description: Single stage gaugeless

Typical Application:  Heavy duty cutting, designed for the really rough industrial applications in the toughest working conditions

Pressure Control
  • Features:
    • Forged brass body for maximum strength
    • Maximum inlet pressure of 25 bar
    • Large Ø 70 mm diaphragm stabilizes working pressure
    • Durable chromed bonnet
    • Cylinder pressure shown on indicator with polycarbonate cover
    • Delivery pressure set by turning the knob on calibrated bonnet
    Part NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasCertifications
    829-1.5-ACHeavy DutySingleNoneAcetylene
    EN ISO 2503
    829-8-OXHeavy DutySingleNoneOxygen
    EN ISO 2503
    829-3.5-LPHeavy DutySingleNonePropane
    EN ISO 2503
  • Part NumberMax Inlet PressureMax Air FlowDelivery Pressure RangeHeightWidthLengthWeightPressureCv
    829-1.5-AC25 bar35 m³/h0-1.5 bar115 mm130 mm144 mm1.6 kg0-1.5 bar0.188
    829-3.5-LP25 bar25 m³/h0-3.5 bar115 mm130 mm144 mm1.6 kg0-3.5 bar0.188
    829-8-OX25 bar160 m³/h0-8 bar115 mm130 mm144 mm1.6 kg0-8 bar0.188