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Model 811
Model 811DB-F

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Model 811DB-F

Description: Electrically heated flowmeter regulator

Typical Application:  All welding with high and continuous flow

Flow Control
  • Features:
    • Maximum inlet pressure 230 bar
    • Preset outlet pressure at 3.5 bar
    • CE marked
    • Two independent heating elements controlled by thermostat
    • Stabilized temperature up to 30 Lpm continuous CO2
    • Overheating protection with resetable thermal fuse
    • Insulation IP 64 (EN 60529)
    • Voltage: 110 and 240 volts versions
    • 3 metres long (9.87 feet) power cable
    Part NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasCertifications
    811DB-15-F-CDHeavy DutySingle63 mm SteelCarbon Dioxide
    EN ISO 13918
    811DB-30-F-CDHeavy DutySingle63 mm SteelCarbon Dioxide
    EN ISO 13918
  • Part NumberMax Inlet PressureDelivery Pressure RangeDelivery Pressure GaugeSupply Pressure GaugeHeightWidthLengthWeightPressureCv
    811DB-15-F-CD230 bar0-15 Lpm0-15 Lpm0-315 bar170 mm154 mm170 mm2.4 kg3.5 bar0.07
    811DB-30-F-CD230 bar0-30 Lpm0-30 Lpm0-315 bar170 mm154 mm170 mm2.4 kg3.5 bar0.07