Tip Nuts
Tip Nuts

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Tip Nuts

Description: Tip nut

for torches, cutting attachments and tips

  • Part NumberModel NumberRecommended AccessoriesDescriptionAvailability
    136-DMTip Nutsfor torch Model 136Germany
    2859Tip Nutsfor torches 28, 28-L and tips 2890
    3659-BTip-NutsModel 36-2Germany
    4559Tip Nutsfor torches and cutting attachments 59-3, 880-NM, NM-250, 242-NM, 273-NM and tips 8290
    6000-DMTip Nutsfor torch Model 6000Germany
    6259BTip Nutsfor torches and cutting attachments 133, 142, 198, 42-4, 49-3, 62-5, 72-3, 73-3, 242, 273 and tips 6290
    19859Tip NutsDüsenmutter (gasemischend)Germany
    9002537Tip Nutsfor torches 573, 880 and tips 6290
    9005236Tip Nutsfor V-Series torches and cutting attachments and tips 1-101-HV
    9008437Tip Nutsfor cutting attachments 36-2 and tips 3690