Gassaver Model H-388
Model H-388

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Gassaver H-388

Description: To cut off the gas supply (oxygen and fuel gas) during short-term interruptions of work in the course of autogenous brazing and welding jobs

Energy-saving and safe handling without having to re-adjust the torch flame.

Hanging the torch in the stirrup causes the oxygen and fuel gas supply to be interrupted. The torch flame is extinguished and the pilot jet continues to burn. When the torch is removed from the stirrup, the gas supply is restored and the torch can be ignited from the pilot jet.

  • Features:
    • For acetylene, propane or hydrogen (other fuel gases on request)
    • Gas-type specific connection to DIN 8542 (oxygen: G1/4" taper, fuel gas: G3/8"LH taper)
    • Adjustable pilot jet
    • Long service life - all functional parts are designed for fatigue loading
    • Suitable for all handle brands
    • Retaining bracket on request
    Part NumberAvailability
  • Part NumberConnection ThreadsFuel Gas
    H-388-1G3/8"LH (Ace, Pr), G1/4"RH (OX)Oxy-acetylene/Hydrogen
    H-388-2G3/8"LH (Natural Gas), G1/4"RH (OX)Oxy-natural Gas/Methane