Model 188
Model 188-TT (L6 & R6)

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Flashback Arrestors

Description: Flashback arrestor

Flashback arrestor - hose to hose type

  • Features:
    • Prevents reverse flow of gases with built-in check valve
    • Extinguishes flashback fire with sintered metal filter
    • Thermal cut-off which positively shuts off the gas in case of hose fire, burn or repeated flashbacks
    Part NumberModel NumberDiameter
    188-TTL6188-TTøhose 1/4"(6 mm)
    188-TTL8188-TTøhose 5/16"(8 mm)
    188-TTR6188-TTøhose 1/4"(6 mm)
    188-TTR8188-TTøhose 5/16"(8 mm)
  • Part NumberGasFuel GasConnection Threads- InletConnection Threads- OutletMax FlowMax Pressure O2Max Pressure ACMax Pressure LPGMax Pressure H2
    188-TTL6Fuel Gases
    Fuel Gas
    øhose 1/4"(6 mm)øhose 1/4"(6 mm)20,0001.553.5
    188-TTL8Fuel Gases
    Fuel Gas
    øhose 5/16"(8 mm)øhose 5/16"(8 mm)20,0001.553.5
    øhose 1/4"(6 mm)øhose 1/4"(6 mm)65,00015
    øhose 5/16"(8 mm)øhose 5/16"(8 mm)65,00015