Stay-Clean Flux
PN: SCPF4POP 4 oz.

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Stay-Clean® Paste Flux

Description: General Purpose Solder Paste Flux

Designed primarily for copper to copper and copper to brass connections the paste form is ideal for soldering tube joints. Not recommended for electrical or electronic applications due to the potential corrosive residue of the flux. Stay Clean Paste flux works well with most leaded and lead-free solder compositions. Flux residue should be removed after soldering.

Typical Application:  Superior flux for most metals, copper, brass, bronze, steel, galvanized, Monel®. Not recommended for aluminum, magnesium, or titanium. Not recommended for electrical or electronic applications.

  • Part NumberSizeAvailability
    1911 LB Paste
    Variety of Sizes Available Germany
  • Active TemperatureJ-STD Specification
    Up to 700°F/371°CA-A-51145SC, Form A
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