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L-AG60 filler metals are highly appropriate on stainless steel and steels with large % of alloying elements applications. These filler metals provide excellent mechanical, physics and chemical characteristics, becoming a good solution on high responsibility joints on corrosive environments. The large (solidus – liquidus) window allow to the operators control the melting process, being recommended on vacuum, furnace or automatic brazing processes. Colour Silver.
Use Stay Silv White or Stay Silv Black Flux. Flux is not necessary on vacuum applications.

Typical Application:  L-Ag60 is mainly used on vacuum or protective atmosphere applications.

  • Part NumberSizeAvailability
    Variety of Sizes available Germany
  • Chemical CompositionRecommended Joint ClearanceDIN EN RatingMelting RangeTensile StrengthSpecific Weight
    Si - 0,05-0,25%
    Cu - 25,0-27,0%
    Zn - 12,0-16,0%
    Ag - 59,0-61,0%
    Others - 0,15%
    0,05-0,15EN 1044 AG202695-730°C450N/mm²9,5g/cm³
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