Stay-Silv 6HP
PN: 6H336R

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Stay-Silv® 6HP

Description: High Phosphorus Brazing Alloy

This is a higher phosphorus version of Stay-Silv 6. The increased phosphorus content lowers the liquidus temperature approximately 90°F. This provides a smooth flowing filler metal that is self fluxing on copper. The lower liquidus makes it an excellent choice for brass where lower temperatures are preferable.

  • Part NumberSize
    4721/8X20" MARKED
    4733/32X20" MARKED
    6183/32 X 20" UNMARKED
  • Chemical CompositionSolidusLiquidusFluidity RatingRecommended Joint ClearanceAWS
    Cu - 86.8%
    P - 7.2%
    Ag - 6%
    1190° F
    643° C
    1335° F
    724° C
    7.001" / .004"A5.8BCuP-4
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