How to Properly Light, Adjust and Shut Down an Oxy–Acetylene Torch

Harris cutting torchLighting, adjusting and shutting down an oxygen-acetylene torch is easy – especially when following the proper procedures. In addition to these easy to follow instructions, you must always be sure to follow the torch manufacturer's operating procedures.

First - before you attempt to light the torch follow these checks:

  1. Make sure regulator pressure adjustment screws are backed out!
  2. Make sure torch valves are closed!
  3. Stand away from front of regulator
  4. Separately and slowly open the oxygen and acetylene cylinder valves
  5. Adjust regulator p/a screws to tip pressure settings
  6. Open/close torch valves separately and fine tune pressure settings on regulators
  7. Depress cutting lever and adjust pressure if necessary

Lighting and adjusting the torch (with a positive/equal pressure mixer):

  1. Separately purge both oxygen and fuel gas lines
  2. Open fuel gas valve 1/2 turn
  3. Ignite flame with striker
  4. Increase fuel gas flow until flame leaves end of tip and no smoke is present
  5. Decrease until flame goes back to tip
  6. Open oxygen valve and adjust to neutral flame
  7. Depress oxygen lever and make necessary adjustments

Shutting down the torch (with a positive/equal pressure mixer):

  1. Close oxygen torch valve
  2. Close fuel gas torch valve

If the torch/regulators and gases are done being used for a while, follow these procedures:

  1. Close oxygen and fuel gas cylinder valves
  2. Separately purge oxygen and fuel gas lines
  3. Make sure all regulator gauges read 0
  4. Back out regulator pressure adjustment screws!
  5. If you are using in a commercial environment, report any damage, etc. to your supervisor

The procedures for using a Harris torch with an injector mixer for alternate fuels vary slightly from the information listed above. These procedures can be found in our alternate fuel section. There you can also find informative procedural and application videos.