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Harris TRAKMAX Tractor - Model 622
TRAKMAX Model 622

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TRAKMAX Model 622

Description: The TRAKMAX Model 622 tractor is the first ever precision belt driven tractor. The precision belt on the tractor eliminates gear lash resulting in a significantly smoother operation without any lost motion. The precision belt is an innovative, new generation drive system that replaces and outperforms the friction or gear drive.

The TRAKMAXTM is capable of performing multi-applications including oxy-fuel, welding, and plasma.  Optional accessories allow for the use of two torches simultaneously which can cut a double bevel in a single pass. Types of cuts include square/straight, V bevel, Y bevel, X bevel, and K bevel. The design of the tractor makes counter weights almost obsolete. Unlike competitive models, which would require the purchase of two tractors, the TRAKMAXTM comes standard with dual range speed control for infinite speed control from 0 – 40 IPM and 0-110 IPM making it one of the fastest tractors available in the market.

  • Features:

    The TRAKMAXTM features an all metal construction including steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. The TRAKMAXTM has a welded steel, unibody construction and a frame that is integral to the design of the machine (not just a cover). It has stainless steel drive wheels and casters are corrosion and abrasion resistant resulting in a longer lasting wheel. The large diameter drive wheels are knurled for positive traction. The caster wheels can be locked into position in-line with the drive wheels for straight line cutting – even without the track.

    The TRAKMAXTM is equipped with full profile heat shields mounted on each side of the tractor to protect from overheating of motor and solid state circuitry board when engaged in heavy capacity cutting or when machine is close to work.

    The TRAKMAXTM is equipped with an industry leading motor torque generated from a 130 volt DC with integral transmission. The transmission is lubricated with synthetic lube rated for up to -20°C and that has an average service life to over 10,000 hours. Dual voltage (110/220 volt) models are available.

    Technical Details:

    Cutting Capacity: 30" with appropriate torch equipment
    Circle Cutting Range: 2 - 54" / 50.8 - 1371.6 mm (with optional accessory sold separately)
    Speed Range: 0 - 40 IPM / 0 - 110 IPM
    Carrying Load Maximum: 800 lbs / 362.88 kg
    Weight: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg
    Length: 15" / 381 mm
    Height: 6 3/8" / 161.92 mm
    Power Requirement: 120V, 1 amp (maximum), 50/60 Hz, Single Phase

    Deluxe Package Includes:

    • Heavy Duty Portable Cutting and Welding Tractor P/N: QC2SCM2575
    • 25' molded, detachable electrical cord that is both oil and water resistant
    • 3-hose Hose Block for use with 2 hose and 3 hose torches
    • 24" Gear Rack with cross slide for horizontal movement
    • Torch Holder for mounting 1 3/8" diameter machine cutting torches and controlling the vertical movement of the torch
    • Mounting Block to attach the torch holder to gear rack
    • 3' twin, grade T, WIP welding hose to attach the torch to the hose block
    • 6' heavy duty v-grooved carbon steel track with spray galvanized finish. Track is designed with a male and female ends for easy coupling of two or more tracks.

    Full profile heat shields mounted on each side of the tractor to protect from overheating of motor and solid state circuitry board when engaged in heavy capacity cutting or when machine is close to work surface.

    Part NumberModel NumberDescription
    CQ2SCM2524622Portable track machine, international Trakpak package 6 includes machine, standard rigging, 6ft track, 98-6 machine torch- export 220v
    QC2SCM2520622Portable track machine, international Trakpak package 4 includes machine & standard rigging- export 220v
    QC2SCM2522622Portable track machine, international Trakpak package 5 includes machine, standard rigging, 6ft track- export 220v