Model NB-M3SVI
Model NB-M3SVI

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Model NB-M3SVI

Description: Auto Runner Welding System Servo Drive Type

The NB-M3SVI has the same weaving function as the NB-1SV and NB-2SV and is designed compact and easy to handle. The weaving motion enables stable multi-layer overlay welding. Automatic back traveling at the weld end point can be retrofitted as an option.

Typical Application:  Horizontal and vertical butt welding

  • WeightHeightWidthLength
  • Bottom GapAttractive ForceBack-Forth DirectionUp-Down DirectionSetup Angle XSetup Angle YSwing WidthSwing SpeedStop TimeTraveling Speed
    6.5mm25kg35mm26mm90° ±30°90° ±25°1~34mm0~4,000min/min.0.3~1.3sec.35~720mm/min