Model NB-M21 ZERO S
Model NB-M21 ZERO S

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Model NB-M21 ZERO S

Description: Auto Runner Welding System ZERO Type

The NB-M21 ZERO S has the weaving mechanism added to the same functions as those of the NB-M31 ZERO S. The weaving mechanism enables horizontal multiple-layer fillet welding and eliminates unwelded portions in vertical fillet welding. Compact, light, and easy to carry with the result of improved working efficiency. Particularly effective for welding longerons in ships and short members in bridges and buildings.

Typical Application:  Horizontal and vertical fillet

  • WeightHeightWidthLength
  • Bottom GapAttractive ForceBack-Forth DirectionUp-Down DirectionSetup Angle XSetup Angle YSwing AngleSwing WidthTraveling SpeedTorch Swing Angle
    5mm23kg10mm10mm45°45°45°5mm40~600mm/min.adjustable ±18°