Model NB-8SVM
Model NB-8SVM

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Model NB-8SVM

Description: Auto Runner Welding System High Performance Type

NB-8SVM is compact, easy to operate, and fitted for many welding patters. It can easily produce horizontal butt welds. Simultaneous or independent torch weaving in the X- and Y-directions, stop time at the center point as well as the start and end points, triangular weaving, manual position adjustment, and other parameters are digitally displayed. Equipped with three-axis (X, Y, and travel) servo control, this highly functional model NB-8SVM provides for large width welding as well. The cables from the control box are extended for separate installation. This feature comes handy in ceiling welding, overhead welding, circle welding (depending on diameters), X- and Y-direcion welding, and pipe welding.

Typical Application:  Horizontal and vertical butt welding, Overhead butt welding (ceilings, etc)

  • WeightHeightWidthLength
  • Bottom GapAttractive ForceBack-Forth DirectionUp-Down DirectionSetup Angle XSetup Angle YSwing WidthSwing SpeedStop TimeTraveling Speed
    6.5mm25kg35mm20mm90° ±30°90° ±30°X:1~25mm