Model NB-2SV
Model NB-2SV

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Model NB-2SV

Description: Auto Runner Welding System Servo Drive Type

NB-2SV is functionally the same as the NB-1SV but is provided with a guide frame at the rear. It can make butt welds in walls and floors. Dedicated guide rails with magnets are used to perform automatic straight welding stably in specific applications.

Typical Application:  Vertical butt joint and horizontal butt joint

  • WeightHeightWidthLength
  • Bottom GapAttractive ForceBack-Forth DirectionUp-Down DirectionSetup Angle XSetup Angle YSwing WidthSwing SpeedStop TimeTraveling Speed
    6.5mm25kg36mm50mm90° ±30°90° ±25°1~32mm0~4,000mm/min.0.3~1.3sec.30~500mm/min.