Model NB-1SV
Model NB-1SV

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Model NB-1SV

Description: Auto Runner Welding System Servo Drive Type

NB-1SV can make fillet welds in walls and floors. It can switch between low and high speeds and other versatile functions can comply with various conditions such as material, work piece size, welding current, wire type, etc., The weaving motion enables stable multi-layer overlay welding. A manual travel switch is added to increase the ease of adjusting the weld start point.

Typical Application:  Vertical fillet and horizontal fillet

  • WeightHeightWidthLength
  • Bottom GapAttractive ForceBack-Forth DirectionUp-Down DirectionSetup Angle XSetup Angle YSwing AngleSwing WidthSwing SpeedStop TimeTraveling Speed
    6.5mm25kg36mm20mm45° ±30°90° ±3°45°1~32mm0~4,000mm/min.0.3~1.3sec.30~500mm/min.