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  • Mounted on a torsionally stiff aluminum profile rail
  • Horizontally adjustable for various gauges of the pipeline
  • Complete with mounting holes in gas shut-off valves with color code
  • Soluble Solder or sweat glands Ø 12 mm, for connection to loop
  • Pressure Nominal PN40
  • Connection Regulator G3/8"RH or LH 

Consoles for more than 2 pipeline regulator on request.
Extra charge for disposal at an angle 60°, and other threads available upon request.

  • Features:


    Part NumberModel NumberAvailability
    E020001Panels for 2x OxygenGermany
    E020001*Panels for 1x Oxygen, 1x *(2=Acetylen, 3=Fuel Gas, 4=Inertgas, 5=Propane, 6=Compressed-Air)Germany
    E020002Panels for 2x AcetyleneGermany
    E020002*Panels for 1x Acetylene, 1x *(1=Oxygen, 3=Fuel Gas, 4=Inertgas, 5=Propane, 6=Compressed-Air)Germany
    E020003Panels for 2x Fuel-GasGermany
    E020003*Panels for 1x Fuel-Gas, 1x *(1=Oxygen, 2=Acetylen, 4=Inertgas, 5=Propane, 6=Compressed-Air)Germany
    E020004Panels for 2x InertgasGermany
    E020004*Panels for 1x Inertgas, 1x *(1=Oxygen, 2=Acetylen, 3=Fuel Gas, 5=Propane, 6=Compressed-Air)Germany
    E020005Panels for 2x PropaneGermany
    E020005*Panels for 1x Propane, 1x *(1=Oxygen, 2=Acetylen, 3=Fuel Gas, 4=Inertgas, 6=Compressed-Air)Germany
    E020006Panels for 2x Compressed-AirGermany
    E020006*Panels 1x Compressed-Air, 1x *(1=Oxygen, 2=Acetylen, 3=Fuel Gas, 4=Inertgas, 5=Propane)Germany