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50/50 Solder
PN: 505061/2POP

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Description: Common Lead-bearing Solder

With some exceptions, these tin-lead solders can be used to join copper and most copper alloys, lead, nickel alloys and steel. Tin-lead solders are not recommended for joints subject to high stress or vibration in the cooling industry due to lack of sufficient elongation properties. These solders are also available with rosin or acid core. Note: It is illegal to use lead solders in both public and private potable water systems.

CAUTION: Lead-bearing solders are not to be used in potable water systems.

Typical Application:  A tin-lead alloy with a wide melting range. Used for automotive, radiator, general purpose soldeirng, electrical applications.

  • Part NumberSizeAvailability
    Variety of Sizes Available Germany
  • Chemical CompositionASTMJ-STD Specification
    Sn - 50%
    Pb - 50%
    ASTM B32 Sn50J-STD-006, Sn50, Pb50a
  • Tips on CuttingSDSSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet